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Bespoke service. You select your own choice of produce from a wide variety of organic vegetables, fruit and eggs then choose from the available collection slots and place your order.
Full content can be chosen.
Minimum order £15.

Place your order by adding the required Quantity and ticking on the box. Then click on “Add to Selected To Cart”.

Sometimes certain items may not be available so we will substitute them with something similar or make the value up using other items you ordered.

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Apples - NEW SEASON £/500g (Approx 2-4 apples)£1.90
Aubergine (Helen's Bay) £/250g (1-2)£1.25
Avocado each£1.50
Baby leeks (Helen's Bay) each£0.50
Banana £/kg (approx. 5 bananas)£2.40
Beetroot (Helen's Bay) £/500g (approx 2-5)£1.10
Cabbage - Red Pointy (Helen's Bay) each£2.00
Cabbage Green Pointy (Helen's Bay) each£1.75
Cabbage January King (Helen's Bay) each£1.75
Cabbage Savoy (Helen's Bay) each£1.75
Carrot £/500g (approx 3-4 carrots)£1.10
Cauliflower each£2.50
Celery (Helen's Bay) £/bunch£1.75
Chard (Helen's Bay) each £/250g£1.75
Courgette £/500g (approx. 1-4)£1.00
Cucumber each£2.20
Eggs half dozen£2.35
Fennel (Helen's Bay) each£1.40
Garlic each£0.70
Ginger £/100g£0.60
Grapefruit each£1.10
Kale - Green (Helen's Bay) £/bunch£1.75
Kale Black (Helen's Bay) £/bunch£1.75
Kale Red (Helen's Bay) £/bunch£1.75
Lemon each£0.60
Lettuce each (Helen’s Bay)£2.00
Lime each£0.60
Mushroom Chestnut £/250g£1.90
Mushroom Shiitake £/100g£2.50
Onion Red £/500g (approx 2-3 onions)£1.00
Onion White £/500g (approx 2-3 onions)£1.00
Orange each£0.50
Pear £/500g£2.20
Pepper Red each£2.40
Potatoes new season (Helen's Bay) (Alouette/Red) £/kg£2.30
Pumpkin Large Crown Prince (Helen's Bay) £/each£5.00
Pumpkin Little Gem (Helen's Bay) each£0.75
Pumpkin Orange (Helen's Bay) each£3.00
Sweet potato £/kg (approx 2-3 potatoes)£4.00
Tomato Cherry (Helen's Bay) £/250g£1.35
Tomato Large £/500g (approx 4-6 tomatoes)£2.85
Turmeric £/100g£0.80
z. Emergency covid courier£6.00